DSDN141 | 3.09 High-res photos + Summary
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 @ 21:21
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The guiding emotion I chose for this project was joy, and I focused more specifically on the idea of sharing joy. When we are happy, the natural way for us to show that is through physical contact. With this idea guiding my process, I created a model that is very curvilinear, paying much attention to the craft in terms of fabricating an object that not only looks inviting to touch but is also pleasant upon contact. The object also sits very comfortably in two hands, guiding the person interacting with it to cup it in their hands, almost cuddling it, further adding to the emotion of joy. Plaster and wood (pine) was chosen because they are strong but with certain softness to it. I find that together, they exude a sense of peacefulness. For the sound, my main idea was to remove the consistent, steady rhythm from the motor, so that a more musical quality can be produced. I used a string that provides flexibility to the moving bells, and also covered two out of the four interior surfaces that the bells would come into contact to with copper, so it produces a variation in sound. A dowel was used to allow the top part of the object to pivot, revealing the interior compartments. This connection was used because the movement created nicely echoes the overall form.

Through this project, I learnt that I like to clearly plan every step of my fabrication process on paper before physically creating it. While it might not be a bad thing, because the process helps to knock out a couple problems and let me know if my ideas are practical or not, experimentation is also equally important. There are unforeseen problems that will only surface though physical creation



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