DSDN104 | 3.12 A4 poster + Summary
Monday, 28 October 2013 @ 22:22
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My object for this project explores the idea of "protection". I wanted a form that strikes a balance between hard and soft, smooth and rough because that is what protection should feel like to me: being strong but soft at the same time.

For inspiration, I looked mainly at how people hold cups and bowls. These objects do not have very obvious grooves or pressure points that screams at how it should be held or forces you to only hold it a certain way, but uses subtly in its curves to prompt the appropriate interactions, giving the user space to find his/ her most comfortable points of contact. This idea of subtly drove my iterative process.

While the object is designed predominantly with the intention of allowing interactions with a person's hand, I nevertheless paid attention and designed it such that it will stand nicely on a surface.

The final form expresses this through its external and internal surfaces. Externally, the form is faceted, with a slightly bumpy texture from the foam showing through, giving it a shell-like appearance. Internally, the surface is organic and curvilinear, as it should, to fit snugly to a hand, almost hugging it. When held, it should be soft and smooth only to the person holding it, but hard and rough to others, thus conveying the idea of protection: to shield and cover.



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