DSDN144 | 2.08 Final
Thursday, 12 September 2013 @ 11:47
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Evaluation (same as above)
The idea of taking apart different images and putting them together was pretty hard to do in terms of having a final composition that looks interesting and dynamic. I learnt the importance exploration of different methods, location, and subjects. For example, initially I wanted to mainly focus on the changing colour in the skies as a way to signifying the change in time, however, the result turned out quite generic and I really wanted something that was more interesting. Thus the subject was changed to people and vehicles, things that move and are different from each other.

This allowed me to take advantage of the process to bring together many details into single shot. This is especially highlighted by the set of photos of the bus stop, where, hopefully, each time someone looks at the composition will discover new details that were overlooked. Hence also helping to tied in my theme of missed moments in time.

Things to be improved on would be piecing together the different segments in the final compositions more naturally, so the entire image could look more cohesive. It was unfortunate that did not have the resources to develop all the individual images and physically tear and piece them together as John Clang did. While I tried to make the segment cuts less perfect and more random, mimicking how it would look if torn physically, the final result was not quite the same.



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