DSDN144 | 2.05 Artist precedents: John Clang
Sunday, 1 September 2013 @ 11:40
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Artist: John Clang
Title: Time
Date: 2009

"A series that involves recording a location, to show the passing of time in a montage style. There is a sense of intimate intricacy of how time moves, and how people, albeit in a different time, are actually closer to one another and traveling in the same shared space."

Method/ Techniques

Clang photographs pedestrian traffic along the city streets of New York at various times. He then deconstructs the fluidity of the crowds by tearing multiple photographs into strips, and then compiles them together into a single frame.


Clang's method of distorting time seem to have produced a new medium that is between a photo and a video. While time has been frozen, his composition still allows us glimpse of multiple moments in time, creating a very interesting and unique style. He also made use of a warmer undertone in the photos, creating a nostalgic and romantic mood that softened the otherwise broken segments of images. By keeping the location exactly the same and unchanged, the passage of time is only signified by the flow and movement of people in an otherwise static urban environment.

I like how the method used and the subjects photographed really helped bring to life the theme and idea Clang wanted to bring forth in the series. The people in the photographs are never shown with their full body, some part of their body will be left out in the composition, highlighting the fleeting moments that one occupies a specific spot in a specific moment in time. Because so many different moments are brought together, the images are full of details, and each time I look at it, I discover something new that I have missed the previous time.



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