DSDN141 | 2.08 Summary
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 @ 01:08
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Project two has allowed me to learn a lot more about working with different materials and learning how they behave, especially in terms of the techniques to use to create a desired look. I combined pine wood and plaster in my object. Initially, I wanted to emphasize on the contrast between the two materials; wood being a warmer and softer materials compared to plaster which feels cold and hard. However, I moved to on focus on ways to bring those two materials together in a harmonious form despite the difference in emotions they evoke. The pattern running across the form where strips of materials have exchanged positions was used to integrate the two sides together as opposed to a sudden transition from one material to another. The shape of the object was made such that it would be instinctive in terms of how one would hold it and also how one would interact with it. Hence its shape not only fits nicely in a hand but also reflects the movement of the hand and the motion of the ball bearing in the object.



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