DSDN104 | 2.13 Presentation + Description
Sunday, 22 September 2013 @ 20:50
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For this project, I wanted to build upon the intention that guided me in project one: finding ways to work with the shape of a cube and making the static shape interesting and dynamic. This time around, I chose acrylic because it allowed me to explore and make use of the space within the cube. The transparency of the material also meant that I had greater room to maneuver in terms of crafting an object that plays around with light and shadow.

In developing the space within, I explored ways to create another object within but keeping in mind that the cube should not resemble a container. Hence, circles were cut out in the middle of the six faces of the cube that hold only the corners of the interior piece. This solved the “container” problem because allowed the object inside to be fixed in position and give the sense of it being suspended in space. The cube is held together by box joints and one of its corners is taken away, so that it sits unbalanced. Nylon thread was used to hold the pieces of the interior solid together. I chose nylon because of its transparency that matches the acrylic used of the rest of the model, so the final product looks cohesive and integrated.

The pattern/ etching is my interpretation of how Singapore (my home country) looks like from the top, with high-rise buildings packed closed together and roads connecting them to each other. For me, the main function of the pattern was to create shadows by blocking light in certain areas, hence etching was kept relatively, and the web of lines etched produced intricate shadows as light passes through.



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