DSDN144 | 2.02 Second shoot
Friday, 23 August 2013 @ 06:50
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Explored introducing more movement into the composed image this time, because I felt that the previous ones looked too static. I took the individual photos without a tripod so the segments will not line up nicely. I like the idea of photographing buildings because of the change from dark windows in the day to brightly lit ones at night. It would be nice to explore having a single building filling the entire frame so that the focus will just be on the windows. This method also introduce a sense of chaos, which did not fit the scene, but I liked the effect, so I tried this method on a different subject instead (see bolow).

The choatic look fitted more nicely in this image since cars have movement naturally. I think it would be interesting to apply this with people on a busy street. The photos were taken in a rush, so the segments could be better composed. The cars are not in focus, a faster shutter speed needs to be used. Also, taking it in the morning/ afternoon would turn out better and the colours will look more vibrant and have a greater contrast between the segments.



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