DSDN144 | 2.01 First Shoot + Proposal
Friday, 16 August 2013 @ 00:42
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Proposal (draft)

When thinking about capturing time with a camera, most would think of long exposure photography, time lapse and/or stop motion videos. In this project I hope to combine what we would see in a time-lapse video into a single image. The images will be a composition of slices of sequences spanning across a certain time frame of 3-4 hours. Instead of using photos as a means to freeze time, I hope to introduce it back into the image, such that one would be able to see the passing of time in a single image. Through the photos there will be a transition to and fro from daytime to night-time while keeping the general landscape unchanged.

Also, by combining images of people in different moments in time into a single frame, there is a sense of bringing people together, exploring the idea of distance/ intimacy between strangers <--- to be considered if photographing more crowded areas

First shoot // Contact sheet

This idea takes a longer time to produce proper images, because only a single complete composition could be taken each day. So time management will be especially important for this project. I will have to try and take photos everyday. Also, in the very first time around, the images I managed to take were turned out terribly difficult to assemble. Hence I only have a single composition to work with at the moment. Any small movement of the camera will throw the entire composition off. In the second try, a tripod was used instead of just placing the camera on a surface, and the result was much easier to work with.

Also, I need to get myself acquainted and used to shooting in the manual mode, and knowing what settings should be changed to suit the transition from day to night. Any other modes resulted in 'flickering' between the slices. I'm still figuring it out, as seen in the one of the image below where certain sections ruined the transition becuase it was too bright and/or to dark.

Tried out different ways in which I could assemble the image because I want to ensure the there would be shots of people among the slices. It will really help to highlight the passage of time: people present in daylight and absent at night.



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