DSDN144 | 1.05 Final images
Thursday, 8 August 2013 @ 11:28
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I think I managed to achieve the aesthetic I had in mind with my photos. I wanted a strong focus on lines and shapes and therefore a very clean look overall. By pairing the photos together in the final presentation also really helped highlight my intentions. I realised that by shifting my focus on man-made structures really helped to generate ideas on the different sites that I could potentially photograph as compared to nature, for example, which is very organic and thus would be harder to look at for strong lines and geometry. I learnt a lot about composition, especially in terms of choosing very carefully about what to have in frame and what to leave out of frame. This was useful in helping me to create a ‘cleanliness’ within the photographs.

Even so, I wished to have allocate more time for extra shoots because that are certain photos that I hoped to redo, especially with regards to lighting. There are pictures where I wished the white parts could stand out more. This is especially the case for the photos taken in the field which would really stand out more if the white structures were brighter against its background.



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