DSDN104 | 1.09 Grid + description
Thursday, 8 August 2013 @ 20:51
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For form 1, I chose to build on the shapes square and rectangle. I started sketching ways in which I would remove volume from a cube while still keeping the overall form of it. The cube was chosen because I wanted to explore ways to make this static shape look interesting. It also links with the word that I have chosen: clean. It is representative of my design style.

In form 2, I wanted to build upon utilizing the negative spaces created in form 1. The idea is to get someone looking at the forms to also look into its interior. Therefore an extra word, Hidden, was added to guide my process. I explored ways to add more forms into the slits were put along the sides of the cube.

Looking at the forms I have created, I felt that the cubes still looked very static just sitting on a surfece. Hence in form 3, I explored ways to change the orientation of the form by creating an extra face to act as the base of the form. It created a more interesting overall appearing and the elevation as a result as helped to highlight the spaces and interior throughout the form.



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