DSDN104 | 2.01 Sketches
Monday, 19 August 2013 @ 09:37
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1// Exploring general shape and form of the object.

2// Narrowed down on the shape I wanted to focus on and then I explored ways to integrate my tow materials (Wood and plaster) into the shape. For the interior space containing the ball bearing, I wanted to incorporate some steps going diagonally across the form. This will hopefully produce an interesting rhythm and sound when the object is tilted.

3// Zeroing in on the exact shape of my object. I decided to not use the idea of 'steps' because it created more problems in terms of physically creating it. So I simplified everything and instead put more focus on the connection and pattern. The interior space is changed into a curve going across the form which will be reflected visually on the surfece of the object through the transition in materials.

4// Figuring out how to create the space to fit the ball bearing in the casting process.



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