DSDN144 | 1.02 Proposal + First Shoot
Friday, 26 July 2013 @ 01:38
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Proposal (draft)
In this project "Space", rather than focusing on a very specific location, I have chosen to photograph a route that I take from home to campus five days a week. As an international student, this particular route is what I am most familiar with in Wellington, and that whole New Zealand, for the matter. A reflection of my temporary stay here, this series of photographs is a means for me to vicariously have an effect on my surroundings, more specifically, the projection of my personal style onto the sights I see everyday. Aesthetically, the photographs will be minimalistic with a strong focus on geometry, lines and contrast between light and shadow. They will also be monochromatic, firstly to remove any distractions and secondly to better tie the entire series together since I did not chose static location for the photos. There will be a focus on buildings and man-made surroundings, so as to further highlight the geometric lines that I feel is specific to them as oppose to what we see in nature.

First shoot // Contact sheet.

First shoot // 5 best.



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