DSDN141 | 1.02
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 @ 00:00
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Set 2 // Played around with some wood.

Used a heat gun to burn the surface, creating a gradient in colour.

Wanted to see how dark I could get the surface of the wood with a heat gun. I really like how shiny it gets when the wood is really burnt. Used a saw to cut vertical lines down one side to reveal the unburnt wood underneath. While I liked the constrast created, I did not like how unnatural the lines look on the wood.

Since I wanted a more natural look, a different method was used this time to reveal little parts of the unburnt wood. I used a chisel and hammer to basically hack of the surface of the wood in a random manner. To futher create a more natural look, I used the heat gun to lightly brown the surface again to blend the different parts together.



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