DSDN 144 | 1.01 Nicholas Alan Cope's Whitewash
Friday, 26 July 2013 @ 00:46
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Nicholas Alan Cope is an LA-based photographer focusing on product, architectural and still-life photography.

For the current project (Space), I hope to incorporate a similar aesthetic in my photos. The images above are from the series ARCHITECTURE, also compiled into Cope's first book Whitewash, published in 2013. Rather than the cliche images of the Californian landscape we are all so used to, he presents to us his unique vision of Los Angeles. There is a bold use of natural light, negative spaces, lines and geometry to create stark but very minimalistic visuals, which very much appeals to me.

"Searching for the sublime core of the city's true nature, Cope strips away the extraneous, and focuses on the sheer beauty and simplicity of the cityscape. To an outsider, the profound cultural, historical, and architectural imprint of the City of Angels can be lost amongst the unsightly sprawl of stucco, strip malls, and irrelevant adornment. While the sunlight can be unforgiving and harsh, bleaching the landscape into a pale hue, the allure, for Cope, lies in the consistency and ubiquity of the buildings combined with the severity of the light accentuating the dramatic elegance of the architecture. Whitewash utilizes the whitest whites, the blackest blacks, and the modern and stark architecture"
- Press release

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