DSDN101 | 3.11 Student critique
Thursday, 6 June 2013 @ 20:42
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Ludmila Dymnikova's stop motion clip

For the beginning for Ludmila's stop motion video, she has decided to hand paint each letter in the introduction. I feel like this approach will really attract the attention of the audience. The colour palette chosen is bright and thus gives a friendly and fun aesthetic to an animation that would be touching upon a serious subject. Painting on-screen is also quite a challenging method to use as any mistake will mean that she would have to start all over again since the paint cannot be erase. Thus I feel that she has done a great job in this area. There is a smooth transition between each frame allowing the animation progress smoothly.

One thing to perhaps work on is to try and minimise the movement of the camera as the clip feels a little shaky. This can be achieved easily by using a tripod and hence is not a huge problem. She could also try to make sure that the words on screen is centralise as it is currently located a little too far to the right.

On the whole, I feel that Ludmila has chosen a very interesting approach to her stop-motion clip and it is something that I have not seen anyone else doing. I look forward to see how her final animation would be like.



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