DSDN171 | Project 2: Curatorial Poster
Wednesday, 1 May 2013 @ 01:38
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Wellington City Gallery is proud to present the works of Sui Ying Hon, a response to the her exploration into two seemingly antithesis style. Known for her modern minimalistic work, this exhibition is a first from Hon with her take on the famous Rococo style known for its excessively dramatic organic forms.

Through her work, Hon shows how Rococo elements still has a place in design today despite the general focus pragmatic function as oppose to purely aesthetical ornaments. Using everyday simple materials such as string, wire and plastic, Hon combined the fluid curvilinear forms Rococo is known for with her signature modernistic style that is devoid of excessiveness and a focus on clean lines and shape.

While Modernism and Rococo seems to be mutually incompatible, a walk through this exhibition shows how Hon is able to integrate the two in her work. The tension between straight lines and curves from the fluidity of the plastic and the rigidity of the wire that frames the models, provides viewers with a dynamic visual feast.

In an exhibition that reflects how opposites can live and breathe harmoniously, it will be exciting for all to witness the marriage between opposites, the graceful and the restrained in the revival of Rococo in modern design today.



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