DSDN101 | 3.06 Short clip of animation
Thursday, 23 May 2013 @ 23:41
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Not part of my final piece because the beginning starts out pretty blurry and there are places which needs touching up, however the general idea and aesthetics is there. Even though this was only a 10 sec clip, I spent about 6 hours on it. While it may also be because of the fact that I had to use After Effects which I am totally new to, but it still makes me worry about how I am going to complete the entire animation using this method. I may need to cut down on some of my ideas that I initially wished to incorporate in the later parts (eg. kinetic typography/ info-graphic type text), or maybe even find other methods to create the animation.

However, I do like how it turned out. I like how it looks sketched out in real time, and how even though there might not be any specific motions in the video, the different drawings still moves a little. I think the overall aesthetics would really appeal to the target audience. It also relates to the style of my logo.



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