DSDN101 | 3.03
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 @ 06:26
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For this project, I have decided on creating a stop motion animation to promote the Caritas Challenge. Since the video meant to be watched by a younger audience and to interest them to participate in the challenge, I feel that stop motion animation would help me achieve that because it is a fun way to display information and pictures.

I would be focusing on the Mighty Ks challenge which requires participants walk, run, swim, cycle or play a sport for 24 hours to highlight the plight of those people all over the world who have to travel often long distances just to access basic necessities such as food, water, health and education. I chose this because it seems like the one challenge that children could still have fun participating with their friends while putting themselves in the shoes of those less fortunate. For the animation I would be using a combination of different methods of stop motion animation I found out about through my research, more specifically using paper cut-outs and also hand drawing. Paper mostly for the pictures and hand drawing for the words and information I want to be present in the video. Because the information would already be present in the animation, I would be able to insert a background soundtrack. I think a light and bouncy tune would appeal the younger audience greater and at the same time project a more fun and lighthearted feeling to a challenge that may otherwise seem physically tiring and deter the audience from participating.



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