DSDN101 | Part 1. Brief
Sunday, 5 May 2013 @ 00:10
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In finding directions for the development of my pattern from my cultural background, it is interesting to highlight that I am a Singaporean chinese. While I would still explore typical chinese motifs and art, being Singaporean, I would say that my culture is more complex and hybridized than that. I will thus be mindful to try and incorporate the diverse fusion of culture that I was brought up around, while building on the chinese culture. To illustrate this, I will be looking in finding particular objects or influences that is common to both Singapore and the Chinese culture. In the beginning stages of research, something common to both that I have found are flowers (more specifically the orchid) and also the lion. Other than my cultural background, I will also be incorporating my personal style into the final pattern developed. Personally, I have a minimalistic approach to my design and hence hope to portray this in my pattern. This could be in the form of a pure colour palette and/ or really abstracting the initial pattern through iterations to strip it down to its bare essential lines.



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